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Is Cosmo Magazine Empowering to Young Women?

August 31, 2015
A recent debate in the news questions whether Cosmopolitan magazine should be visible on news stands and available to minors. But will taking the magazine away really take confidence from young...
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Trust in a Financial Meltdown

August 28, 2015
We're in the middle of a global market plunge that has many wondering where it's safe to put their money. But more importantly, where do we put our trust in the midst of a financial meltdown? With...
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Response to John Oliver: Televangelists

August 18, 2015
Context TV host Sheldon Neil responds to John Oliver's episode of Last Week Tonight on televangelists. What is it that makes us so vulnerable to these schemes? 

Look up your church on any of...
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Steve Bell on the Power of Story

July 3, 2015
Two-time Juno winner and musical-storyteller Steve Bell shares the power of story in his life. 

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Dream Chasing to Mount Kilimanjaro

June 10, 2015
Best-selling Canadian author and motivational speaker Nina Spencer shares her story of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. 

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How TD Jakes Found Fulfillment in Life

June 10, 2015
T.D. Jakes talks about what he thinks fulfillment is in life. 

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TD Jakes Speaks on Intellect vs Instinct

June 8, 2015
T.D. Jakes shares a personal story of when he learned the value of instinct.

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Find Out What Scares TD Jakes

June 5, 2015
T.D. Jakes shares what scares him as a father, a husband, a businessman and a spiritual leader. 

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Jim Gaffigan on God, Food and Fatherhood

May 25, 2015
Rising Comedian Jim Gaffigan talks to Lorna about his faith in God, his relationship with food, and his experience as a father. 

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How to Create a Robot: Student Learning Today

May 22, 2015
From Lego to Robots: Students at one high school are learning how to create a robot. 

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Caring for the Vulnerable: Camille's Story

May 19, 2015
Camille Parent shares his views on the acceptance of doctor-assisted suicide in Canada. His elderly mother suffered abuse in a long-term care home. 

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What do the Meeders miss about Canada?

May 12, 2015
Rose and Rob Meeder talk about what they miss about Canada, including Tim Hortons coffee, obviously.

The Meeders are travelling to 18 countries in four months with their four small children.

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