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Caring for the Vulnerable: Camille's Story

Added April 27, 2015
Camille Parent shares his views on the acceptance of doctor-assisted suicide in Canada. His elderly mother suffered abuse in a long-term care home. His brother lives in a Christian Horizons home.

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Meet Our New President

Added April 22, 2015
We're shaking things up with a new President and CEO at Context TV / Media Voice Generation. As of April 20th 2015, Jeff Groenewald will be stepping into his exciting new role. Learn more about our...
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Science and Religion - The Pope's Astronomer

Added March 20, 2015
Guy Consolmagno is the astronomer to the Pope. He joins us from New York to explain why science and religion aren't incompatible, and what the universe tells us about the existence of God.

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Behind The Scenes at Context

Added March 20, 2015
Get a sneak-peak behind the scenes at Context with Lorna Dueck, as we share some of our favourite stories we've covered this season, and talk about how you can join us in discussing news that takes...
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Why Chris Hadfield filmed a Music Video in Space

Added March 17, 2015
In the Context With Lorna Dueck studio, Chris Hadfield answered audience questions. In a cut scene that didn't make it into the final broadcast, Chris answers how he came up with the idea to make a...
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National Chief Perry Bellegarde - Extended Interview

Added February 20, 2015
Extended interview with National Chief Perry Bellegarde from our Stolen Sisters episode on missing and murdered Indigenous women.

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Gay Rights vs Religious Freedoms - Extended Debate

Added February 6, 2015
We're talking about the controversy that Trinity Western University has raised by applying open a Christian law school in Canada. Is the alternative to go Godless in legal education? Take a look at...
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Meet The Meeders!

Added January 7, 2015
Rose Meeder is an Emergency Room Doctor, and a mother to four children in rural Ontario. Rose and her husband Rob are about to embark on a world tour with their four children in tow! This Context...
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O Holy Night - Liona Boyd

Added December 29, 2014

Call To Action - Sponsor a Family

Added November 26, 2014
Christians in Iraq and Syria are being displaced. Entire families have lost their homes and have nowhere to go, being told that they must convert to Islam, give up their homes, or face death.

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