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Meet The Meeders!

Added January 7, 2015
Rose Meeder is an Emergency Room Doctor, and a mother to four children in rural Ontario. Rose and her husband Rob are about to embark on a world tour with their four children in tow! This Context...
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O Holy Night - Liona Boyd

Added December 29, 2014

Call To Action - Sponsor a Family

Added November 26, 2014
Christians in Iraq and Syria are being displaced. Entire families have lost their homes and have nowhere to go, being told that they must convert to Islam, give up their homes, or face death.

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Pray For Ottawa - Context hosts 100 Huntley Street

Added October 23, 2014
Lorna Dueck co-hosts a special edition of 100 Huntley Street. An unprecedented attack at the National War Memorial on Parliament Hill  has taken the life of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. Lorna ledas a...
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Hoop Dance

Added April 11, 2014
Tribal Vision Dance performs a hoop dance in-studio. 

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Red Light Green Light Trailer

Added January 31, 2014
Trailer for new documentary, "Red Light Green Light" by Hope for the Sold. 

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Father Christmas

Added December 20, 2013

Audience Comment: Euthanasia

Added November 11, 2013
"Is dying a 'right'?" is not just an ethical question for Lindsey, but a personal one too. In this video, she shares why. 

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Faith in the Honda Indy

Added August 2, 2013
Our interns had a ton of fun at the recent Honda Indy here in Toronto, asking questions about the long-standing traditions of faith and prayer at the Honda Indy race. 

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Love is Moving TV

Added April 26, 2013
Love is Moving TV will premiere soon! 

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