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Prostitution Letter

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Thank you for serving our country in challenging times. I am writing today to ask, that amid all the demands of your leadership role, you speak up for vulnerable Canadians by strengthening Canada's laws against prostitution.

I am concerned that Justice Susan Himel's recent Superior Court ruling will give sex traffickers a free pass in this country, resulting in more exploitation of vulnerable Canadians caught up against their will in the sex trade. I do not want prostitution to become a charter protected practice here in Canada. Rather, we need to strengthen legislation so as to protect the vulnerable and continue the great reputation Canada has earned as a nation that protects and supports our most vulnerable citizens.

I urge you to consider the Swedish model of criminalizing the purchaser of sex, and not the provider. Furthermore, I urge the Government of Canada to provide education, training, and support for those wishing to escape the sex trade and thereby reduce prostitution in this country.

Yours sincerely,


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