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Ahhh, the power of "What if..?"

Raised catholic, I have been exposed to the God thing but without too much conviction. It was just a tool used by our parents and church "employees" to make us sit straight, be quiet and behave while instilling massive doses of fear and the terrible consequences we would face, should we go against their fabulous threats, in the name of God, of course. God to me relates to bad news mostly and I frankly cannot care enough to even try to believe. My ultimate view on God is quite simple: Show him to me and I will then decide if I should have any relation with that entity.

If Jesus was to appear in our current world, he would likely try to sell his book on an informercial at 4 O'clock in the morning and compete with all the other looneys who perform miracles on air. Imagine, trying to make people believe you just resurrected...I have been mentally strong and very confident all my life and do not really feel the need for a God. Still I do envy those who have faith since there obviously is a spiritual side in all of us and the message is good.

Definitely the best spiritual show anywhere. Lorna for President of the whole world! Take care believers and keep hoping because what if..?



Thanks so much for your letter. I had a good laugh, you have a great sense of humour and if I had the power I would canonise you to Sainthood for this gift.

I, too, come out of a Catholic background which unfortunately had a similar effect on me of instilling fear rather than faith. But one thing did take hold and for that I am grateful - a recognition of the deity of God and my humble beginnings. So, I can honestly say that I believe that I didn't result from some random atom movement but that God created me with indiviual fingerprints and a unique personality for His pleasure. It's easy for me to sign up for His plan for mankind, knowing that He is a God of love and author of my life. Sounds naive, I guess - but after many years of seeing and experiencing His grace and purposes in my relationships, work, parenting, faith...I have to subscribe to Christianity which best answers my questions of a "good news" faith. Oh - and by the way, what do you mean by the power of what if? All the best. Write back if you wish to with more on this topic.


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