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March 30, 2015

Autism Acceptance

By:Philip Reyes

As an autistic, I make a ton of trouble in a neurotypical world. I am an alien passing through a world populated with people who fit in perfectly. I do not. I am weird to most. I am unable to process my thoughts like everyone. I move differently than most people. Lots of things about me annoy people but that is how I was made by God. Read More
March 24, 2015

Father in Space

By:Richard Handler

In this age when the family, as an institution has become a lifestyle option and with the numbers of single parent households climbing steadily, as fathers readily abandon the nest, Chris Hadfield is no booster of the mythical 1950s family. Marriage, he told Lorna, is “a fractious, multi-headed, constantly changing, unchosen organization of people who love each other.” Read More
March 18, 2015

Music and Longing

By:Richard Handler

If there is a way to leap into what seems like easy transcendence, music is the key to that kingdom. Accessing “inner freedom and strength” is no doubt worthwhile, as both a secular and religious exercise. I see untold numbers of people waltz down the street with ear-buds imbedded in their heads, but is it transcendence they seek -- or just distraction? Read More
March 10, 2015

The Invisible Homeless

By:Richard Handler

Frankly, is our experience of the homeless here in Canada that different? We blank out the homeless on the street. They become part of the scenery, like rundown buildings and fire hydrants. They are to be avoided -- or gingerly stepped over. Read More
March 3, 2015

The Gospel of Usefulness

By:Richard Handler

There’s no doubt that the wanton killing or the abandonment of children would horrify any secular humanist. Such a person might donate to charities, gladly pay taxes and urge governments to “do more.” Surely, a believer might not have any better a heart than any atheist. Both can be disturbed by the neglect of a child, disabled or not. Read More
February 25, 2015

Conscience and the Sociopath

By:Richard Handler

As a Christian, Lorna believes that society is unmoored, and ethically unbalanced. Martha Stout's analysis appeals to her because Stout analyzes conscience as "the embodiment of love, imbued into our very biology." And for Lorna, the evangelical, the source of conscience is at the core, Jesus' love. Read More
February 18, 2015

Marginalized Christians

By:Richard Handler

Richard Handler, "The Stubborn Agnostic," responds to the latest Context episode. With Trinity Western University on trial, are Christians becoming more marginalized than gays? Read More
February 10, 2015

Assisted Suicide

By:Richard Handler

Margaret’s story isn’t a story in a full sense—there is no end to it, yet. Lorna and her husband visited the family a few months ago, but the story received its airing on the website because of The Supreme Court’s ruling, striking down assisted suicide. Read More
February 3, 2015

Behind The Acronym

By:Richard Handler

Christian Blind Mission is now CBM — and it has vastly expanded its outreach to work with people with disabilities in developing countries. The organization, through its various members and associates has reached more than 10 million people. Read More
January 27, 2015

Anne Rice: Queen of Vampire Writers

By:Richard Handler

What’s a vampire writer doing visiting the good Christian studios of Context, talking with Lorna, who was clearly both delighted and unsure of what to expect? As she admitted to both the audience and Anne Rice, the old Mennonite in her (and the present evangelical) was clearly ambivalent about this whole “sex and blood” vampire enterprise. Read More