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Cardinal Collins

Episode #1217 | Added June 28, 2013

Meet one of the newest members of one of the world's most exclusive clubs- Thomas Cardinal Collins.  He'll discuss his journey from Guelph Ontario... to the Vatican, and the challenges facing the 21st Century church.

Lorna's Wrap

Whenever we do something featuring Catholicism, your mail gives us robust feedback. We read every word, and one viewer's feeback will be chosen to receive a copy of Cardinal Collins' book, Pathway to our Hearts. Send me your feedback on today's show. Call the Viewer Feedback Line or send a message via email, Facebook or Twitter.
For all of us, I'm Lorna Dueck.  Thanks for watching. Join us next week as we explore life beyond the headlines.



Thomas Cardinal Collins
Archbishop of Toronto; advisor to Pope Benedict XVI


Meet one of the newest members of one of the world's most exclusive clubs. Thomas Christopher Collins grew up- almost literally in the shadow of Guelph Ontario's Church of Our Lady, where he attended and served morning Mass.  After mulling careers in teaching and the law, he opted for the priesthood.  Fast forward to February 2012, and his elevation to Cardinal- just the 16th Cardinal ever to come from Canada.  A half century after Vatican II brought dramatic changes to the church, he faces tough questions about the church's place in the 21st century. Today, Thomas Cardinal Collins joins Lorna Dueck for a feature interview. This is Context - the show that looks at life beyond the headlines.

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