Episode 1616: Legalizing Marijuana

Cannabis Culture in Canada? The Liberal government has tabled legislation to end the prohibition on pot, as per their promise from the 2015 campaign. The pl…


Episode 1615: Somalia Food Crisis

Will Somalia face famine yet again? Context Reporter Molly Thomas is on the ground in a country already crippled by drought. With the world slow to respond,…


Episode 1614: Canada’s Working Poor

Are economists feeling optimistic that the Canadian economy is showing its strongest growth since the summer of 2013?  Not everyone is convinced sunny days …


Episode 1610: Age of Anxiety

Is the news making us anxious? What about giving up the news for lent? Is it better for the soul to learn less about the world around you? We discuss news n…


Episode 1606: Concussions in Sports

Context TV brings you an in-depth look at the impact of concussions in sport – beginning the conversation with a panel from Boston featuring, Tim Fleiszer, fo…


Episode 1605: Quebec Mosque Shooting

A horrific crime against the Muslim faith in Canada.  Six Muslim men lost their lives as they prayed together at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Quebec City.…


Episode 1604: Mental Health

Though Mental health issues were once cloaked in secrecy it seems that we're now "safe" to "talk" about depression and even suicide. But is talking enough? …


Episode 1603: Trump and Canada

On January 20th, 2017 Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States, beginning a four-year term along with Mike Pence as Vice President. What …


Episode 1602: Opioid Crisis

The season premiere of Context with Lorna Dueck (Context) features host, Lorna Dueck, sitting down with Canada’s Federal Health Minister, the Honorable Jane…


Episode 1534: Celebrating Fathers

What makes a good Dad? And what does faith have to do with it? This week on Context we celebrate fathers, talking with home reno television personality Paul…


Episode 1533: The Power of Story

There is no artistic force more powerful in this world, than story.  Today on Context, we talk to three of Canada's most important authors about the power…


Episode 1532: Mother’s Day

We're celebrating Mother's Day at Context, we're taking an in-depth look at the Supermom! LORNA'S WRAP As we reflect on Mother's Day—my closing ad…


Episode 1531: Religion and Violence

9/11—The Paris Attacks—Brussels. We live in a violent time. Is religion responsible for the violence and the threats? We take up that question next.


Episode 1529: Tough Times

Recession, deficits and thousands of jobs lost. Context explores what it means to find hope while living in tough economic times. LORNA'S WRAP Who…


Episode 1527: Faith in the Police

All over North America, cops are in the news because they are the story — but what's going on behind the headlines? We re-examine our faith in police.


Episode 1526: Risen

Two new Hollywood films about Jesus launched just in time for Easter.  We'll talk with the star of the movie, Risen, Joseph Fiennes -- and separate fact fro…


Episode 1524: Spanked or Spoiled

Canada is set to revoke the spanking law, making it illegal for parents or teachers to use physical force, including spanking, on a child. We ask, is span…


Episode 1523: Death on Demand

Death-on-Demand is coming to Canada—But what will it take for all Canadians to be able to die well? We talk to palliative care experts.


Episode 1521: Refugee Reality Check

Children in hotels, refugees in Canada asking to return to Jordan—has the Trudeau government bitten off more than it can chew? Is it time for a refugee re…


Episode 1520: Love and Destruction

On this episode of Context: sex, money, and conflict. This Valentine's Day, guest host Sheldon Neil investigates the top reasons researchers say relationshi…


Episode 1519: Responding to Terror

A Christian response to terrorism. Will it be fear or faith? LORNA'S WRAP Live in any large Canadian city and you are mindful of terrorism; Islami…


Episode 1518: Politics And Pot

The legalization of marijuana was part of the new PM's throne speech. This new government fully intends to 'legalize, regulate, and restrict' pot. Find out …


Episode 1517: Mind in Crisis

Context is in the field to find out more about helping the Mind in Crisis. Featuring celebrity chef Mark McEwan and TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski.


Episode 1516: Ageless

On this episode of Context we hear from Ontario’s minister responsible for seniors, plus when was the last time you talked to a 101 year old? Get a peak ins…


Episode 1515: TRC- Beyond Apology

The Trudeau Government promises to implement all 94 Calls to Action made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Today on special edition of Context, wh…


Episode 1512: Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We'll be exploring how different cultures around the globe celebrate Christmas and the sacred meaning of the se…

Paris, France - March 4, 2016: Bomb disposal police unit truck, policemen and people in Paris during a bomb alert near Pigalle.

Episode 1511: Pray for Paris

The November Paris terror attacks rocked the world and left many asking, where is God in this tragedy? Molly Thomas reports on the ground from Paris. …


Episode 1507: Family

No one can love us, or wound us, quite like our family. We talk to Carine McCandless, sister of Chris McCandless who's journey into the Alaskan wilderness c…


Episode 1410: Dying to Be Thin

It's about dying to be thin; as millions of young women are struggling with eating disorders, researchers look to pop culture and psychological causes, pers…