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May 29, 2015 Episode #1431

What do Canadians Believe?

Religion in Canada is changing. One snapshot: More Canadian teens identify as Muslims than Anglican, Baptist or United Church combined. Today on CONTEXT Lorna digs deep into a new national study on what Canadians believe. We'll survey this... see more
May 22, 2015 Episode #1420


The futurists were right. What humans have done for generations, robots are taking over. Robotics have dominated industry for years—from mining to manufacturing, but now they're moving in on our social lives. Today, robot 'friends'... see more
May 15, 2015 Episode #1426

The Faces of Comedy

Hey, did you hear the one about the guy who told jokes for a living? He said it was no laughing matter. Context looks at the faces of comedy with rising star Jim Gaffigan who puts the funny in food, fatherhood, and faith. Then we sit down... see more
May 8, 2015 Episode #1436

Extreme Motherhood

Mother's Day—a time to celebrate the woman who does it all. She wipes your nose, gives great advice, and cheers you on at all your games. Mom: The real life superwoman. And motherhood: the job that never ends. Today on Context, we're... see more
May 1, 2015 Episode #1428


Prayer: Children do it before bedtime and religions all over the world use it to speak to God -- but what exactly is prayer and is it practical in today's hectic world? For many, prayer offers us a chance to collect our thoughts and... see more
April 24, 2015 Episode #1437

Assisted Living Meets Assisted Dying

Assisted living in Canada has made enormous strides in recent decades. Now, a Supreme Court ruling legalizing Physician Assisted Death has disability advocates alarmed. Today on Context, we delve deep into the hard questions, specifically;... see more
April 17, 2015 Episode #1427

Faith at Work

Our world—busy and chaotic—seems to be speeding up by the second, and finding time for the things that matter is getting more difficult.  So where does one find personal value in today's hectic North American lifestyle?... see more
April 10, 2015 Episode #1433


What is right? What is wrong? And do we all have that 'thing' inside of us that acts as a moral compass?  In this edition of Context, Lorna takes us on a deeper journey into our conscience -- why we have one and what it means for... see more
April 2, 2015 Episode #1434


Easter. A time of death and rebirth. Not just chocolate and Easter Bunnies—the story of the resurrection of Jesus inspires over 2 billion Christians worldwide—and it's growing.  Today on Context, we talk to Roma Downey,... see more
March 27, 2015 Episode #1435


It affects 1 in every 88 kids—boys more than girls. And there is no cure. Autism remains one of the least understood of human conditions. Today, we'll swap myth for fact as Lorna gets first-hand insights in Autism.We'll give you a... see more

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