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September 4, 2016 Episode #1511

Pray for Paris

The November Paris terror attacks rocked the world and left many asking, where is God in this tragedy? Molly Thomas reports on the ground from Paris. 
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August 25, 2016 Episode #1524

Spanked or Spoiled?

Canada is set to revoke the spanking law, making it illegal for parents or teachers to use physical force, including spanking, on a child. We ask, is spanking okay? And what does the healthy discipline of a child look like?
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August 21, 2016 Episode #1517

Mind in Crisis

Context is in the field to find out more about helping the Mind in Crisis.
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August 14, 2016 Episode #1525

Faith in the Big Leagues

From the field to the court to the dugout, what does faith look like in the big leagues? 
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August 7, 2016 Episode #1518

Politics & Pot

The legalization of marijuana was part of the new PM's throne speech.  This new government fully intends to 'legalize, regulate, and restrict' pot.  Find out what more about the challenges Prime Minister Trudeau will face and... see more
July 31, 2016 Episode #1515

TRC: Beyond Apology

The Trudeau Government promises to implement all 94 Calls to Action made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. On special edition of Context, we explore the reconciliation and restoration from a dark chapter in Canada's national... see more
July 24, 2016 Episode #1517


The future of aging: We talk to Minister Mario Sergio, Rhodes scholar and rising star Dr. Samir Singha, and gerontology specialist Sister Mary Rose Marrin and a very special profile of a 101-year-old Toronto resident. 
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July 17, 2016 Episode #1514


Overexposed on sex? When Playboy covers up, what's the message for us all? 
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July 10, 2016 Episode #1523

Death on Demand

Death-on-Demand is coming to Canada—But what will it take for all Canadians to be able to die well? 
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July 3, 2016 Episode #1530

Making Canada Great

What makes Canada great? It's more than maple syrup and donuts. Joining us to talk Canadian greatness---Hockey hero, Paul Henderson, Rookie Blue actress, Missy Peregrym -- and Fred Fox, brother of Canadian inspiration, Terry Fox. 
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June 17, 2016 Episode #1534

Father's Day

Welcome to this special edition of Context celebrating Dads. What makes a good Dad? And what does faith have to do with it? 
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June 10, 2016 Episode #1440

Education Emergency: Syria's Students

As Syrian Students continue to flee the chaos in their country, we at Context are crossing borders for this special story. Guest host Molly Thomas reports from the middle east. 
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