Episode #1434
April 3, 2015

Easter - Next time on Context »

Easter. A time of death and rebirth. Not just chocolate and Easter Bunnies—the story of the resurrection of Jesus inspires over 2 billion Christians worldwide—and it's growing.  Today on Context, we talk to Mark Burnett... see more
Episode #1435
March 27, 2015

Autism - Full Episode »

It affects 1 in every 88 kids—boys more than girls. And there is no cure. Autism remains one of the least understood of human conditions. Today, we'll swap myth for fact as Lorna gets first-hand insights in Autism.We'll give you a... see more
Episode #1419
March 17, 2015

Eyes on the Sky - Chris Hadfield on Context »

Among the billions of people inspired by Neil Armstrong's 'one small step' in July 1969 was a young Chris  Hadfield of Sarnia Ontario.  Who would grow up to become a fighter pilot, shuttle astronaut, the first Canadian to walk in... see more
Episode #1430
March 12, 2015

Junos »

Once a year, Canada's Juno Awards assemble the nation's top solo artists and bands together for an evening of red carpet action, performance and accolades. Today on Context, Sheldon Neil brings you up and close with Juno nominated artist,... see more
Episode #1407
March 6, 2015

Homelessness »

Tonight, 30,000 Canadians will cope with homelessness.  Fifty thousand more are among the 'hidden homeless'- staying with friends or relatives because they have nowhere else to go.  Today on Context, is homelessness a chronic... see more
Episode #1425
February 27, 2015

The Gift of Life »

Recent debates over assisted suicide and infanticide, have called into question long-held beliefs about the high value of human life.  Choice about death is becoming a pressing societal question.   To begin looking for answers, I... see more
Episode #1424
February 20, 2015

Stolen Sisters »

Rinelle Harper, beaten and left for dead by a frozen river, won the nation's attention- not just in her ordeal and survival, but in reviving the call for an inquiry into missing indigenous women and girls.  Today, we discuss her story... see more
Episode #1423
February 13, 2015

Celebrating Single »

Matchmaker, matchmaker... take the day off.  To many, 'single' is the new 'attached.'  Gone are the days of 'spinsters' and 'old maids'.  In North America- where non-married people now outnumber the married, the word... see more
Episode #1416
February 7, 2015

TWU on Trial »

No sooner were plans announced for a Christian Law School in B.C.- then the debate began: in courts of law, and of public opinion.  Gone are the days when Christian influence was a given in Canadian institutions.  Today, religion... see more
Episode #0
February 6, 2015

Pressing On: The Margaret Dueck Story »

Today the Supreme Court of Canada returned it's judgement on physician assisted death and with it have ushered in a new era in Canada, one in which physicians will be legally able to assist people in ending their own lives.  Read a... see more