Episode #1418
December 28, 2014

2014 In Review - Next Time on Context »

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Episode #1421
December 20, 2014

Angels Then and Now »

They stand on our shoulders, sing Holy Holy Holy in Heaven, and may or may not fit on the head of a pin. This special Christmas edition of Context is all about angels. We'll talk with experts about... see more

Episode #1415
December 12, 2014

Sex, Love, and Power »

Violence against women: What causes it, how to raise your voice against it, and what's God's place in the discussion? The meteoric fall of a Canadian Radio Icon has resonated through every city and town in Canada. Now, thousands of... see more
Episode #1402
December 5, 2014

Sucide: The Final Cry »

The Bible has a great deal to say about life and death, and though 7 people in scripture take their own lives, it seems to have little to say about suicide. Or does it? It speaks of hope. Of love. Of caring for our neighbours. Watch our... see more
Episode #1411
November 28, 2014

God's PR Problem - Full Episode: 1411 »

Church attendance is dwindling.  So now, rather than just opening the doors and waiting for the world to come in, many churches are reaching out.  Pope Francis recently reminded his Church not to become stuck in old ways. He... see more
Episode #1408
November 21, 2014

GivingTuesday »

First came Black Friday, then Cyber Monday: days when visions of dollar signs and 'stuff' dance in millions of heads. Now, buckle up and brace for a new player:  "Giving Tuesday"- an initiative designed to launch the 'giving' season;... see more
Episode #1410
November 16, 2014

Security Alert | Pray for Ottawa »

The Ottawa shootings, at the National War Memorial and in the halls of Parliament mark an unprecedented challenge to Canada's sense of security.  Today we're going to look at the spiritual questions this poses to Muslims and to... see more
Episode #1409
November 9, 2014

Generation Z: New World Leaders? »

Are we at the cusp of a new world? Some say yes.
Today we meet and learn more about the leaders of this new world.
Meet: Generation Z. On this episode, we talk to 11-year-old activist Hannah Alper, digital age guru Don Tapscott, CEO of... see more
Episode #1406
October 31, 2014

Story »

More than 120,000 Canadians work full time creating Canadian stories for TV, Film and Digital Media. When Canada's broadcast regulator, the CRTC, explored how to protect that, they tangled with Google and Netflix at the 'Let's Talk TV'... see more
Episode #1405
October 26, 2014

Prostitution »

The news traveled fast to every corner- and street-corner- in Canada.  Bill C-36- the new Canadian Prostitution law, marks a seismic shift in Canadian law, and for thousands, the results could be life-changing.  In this episode,... see more