Episode #1405
October 26, 2014

Prostitution »

The news traveled fast to every corner- and street-corner- in Canada.  Bill C-36- the new Canadian Prostitution law, marks a seismic shift in Canadian law, and for thousands, the results could be life-changing.  In this episode,... see more
Episode #1404
October 18, 2014

Ebola »

West Africa is facing the largest outbreak of Ebola since the disease was first identified four decades ago. The disease has killed thousands, leaving children without parents, and parents without children. Villages in Liberia, Guinea and... see more
Episode #1403
October 15, 2014

Why Be Thankful »

Oh-so-polite Canadians are world famous for saying 'thanks', but just how good are we at thankfulness?  There are good reasons to ask, and in the next few minutes you'll get some remarkable perspectives.  Experience thankfulness... see more
Episode #1401
October 3, 2014

Terror in Iraq and Syria »

The face of terrorism has a new name:  ISIS, or The Islamic State. Its brutal wave of terrorist acts are provoking a global response, and has stirred a massive refugee crisis in Iraq.  Which only adds to the plight of millions... see more
Episode #1307
September 8, 2014

Offended »

"Crossing the Line" ain't what it used to be. The boundaries of sex, violence, language and ideas are being constantly moved and redefined.  In the next few minutes- we'll hear from the offenders- and the offended as we explore how... see more
Episode #1311
September 7, 2014

Gamble on Gambling? »

Should Canada continue to gamble... on gambling? For cash-strapped governments, lotteries and casinos are a $13 billion money machine. But with more than a million problem gamblers struggling with addiction: is the payoff worth it?
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Episode #1308
September 5, 2014

Where's My Job? »

An entire generation is being promised the moon - then told to lower its sights, as the lofty promise of education collides with today's cold realities.  But is there fulfillment beyond the workplace? 
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Episode #1337
August 29, 2014

Lost Voices »

Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission marks a hopeful addition to this ugly cycle:  a blueprint for healing.  Guest hosts Eternia and Sheldon Neil explore what that healing looks like, sounds like... and feels like. 
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Episode #1334
August 22, 2014

Burning Man »

A road trip like no other. Lorna takes you on an insider's tour of Burning Man - an annual, spiritual joy-ride that attracts tens of thousands to the Nevada desert.
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Episode #1314
August 15, 2014

God's Gardeners »

Margaret Atwood's 'The Year of the Flood' told the story of "God's Gardeners"- survivors of a biological catastrophe.  The Canadian literary legend joins Lorna to discuss the deeper spiritual issues surrounding earth and stewardship.
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