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Lorna's Wrap - From a recent show - #385 Science and Faith

In the controversy that science and faith generates, the term evolution means many different things to different people. So where do I come down on it: well I do believe God has two books; the book of nature - the world around us, and the book of the Bible; inerrant, life changing truth written by divinely inspired people. But the Bible writers never contended to be science writers. God governing in a world of science is explored in the Bible's pages. But God creating is shrouded in metaphor and mystery. So that takes us back to God's other book - nature and its science. I'd recommend a look at the Canadian or American Scientific and Christian Affiliation for their study links on this. Then I conclude with the personal quest of deciding what to do with the reality of God which is who started our curiousity on this in the first place. A question only you can answer, but the most important one you'll ever answer in your life.

BIG questions requiring BIG answers! If you want to talk more about this, write to us -

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