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Teen Depression
LIstenup looks for the Christian response to teen depression, suicide, mental health, and cutting - a gruesome form of self-injury that teenagers are resorting to - to stop their emotional pain and to distract them from feelings of rejection and loneliness. Although few studies have examined the prevalence of self-injury, current estimates suggest that from 10 to 14 percent of teens have self-injured.

Resources Brett Ullman speaks with courage and conviction on sensitive, current issues affecting youth including self-injury, suicide, substance abuse, sexuality, music and faith in our modern age.
Who is Generation Y? What makes them “tick”? How can you motivate Generation Y (ages 8-27) at school and in the workplace? Dr. Karyn has the answers. Youth Unlimited is a faith-based charity that believes in the unlimited potential of youth. It is committed to helping them develop holistically, both personally and spiritually, by providing caring people to whom they can turn. One third of the population is under the age of 25 and the opportunity before us as youth specialists is enormous. Young people are looking for a truth that works and today's culture is longing to know God. Youth for Christ is involved in responsible, effective and culturally sensitive evangelism of youth, communicating and caring in ways that are relevant to this generation. Uniting, challenging and entertaining teens


September 30, 2008

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