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Beyond the Bucket List
Listenup digs deeper into some of the spiritual issues raised by this film.
We’ll meet a former minister, turned-leadership-consultant who interviewed hundreds of people to explore the most common paths to happiness. He’ll share lessons he learned while writing his book, The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die.

We’ll speak with a Christian educator, to ask his thoughts on the importance of the journey. Whether God might have a “bucket list” for us, and what happens when we die.
And finally, we’ll share some intimate conversation with a man who really is in the final phase of his life’s story. He’ll share his thoughts on priorities during life’s closing chapter.


Max Lucado
The Message of John 3:16

The John 3:16 Movement

N.T Wright

Jesus and the Identity of God

Books: Simply Christian, The Challenge of Jesus

Brian McLaren

Book: The Secret Message of Jesus


September 30, 2008

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