Context with Lorna Dueck is a weekly, half-hour, independently-produced television program. Our program presents "life beyond the headlines," exploring news and current affairs stories from a Christian world view. Journalist and host Lorna Dueck and the Context with Lorna Dueck team dig behind the headlines to investigate those points at which news and spirituality converge, to illuminate God's involvement in the issues and events of our day. Produced from offices located downtown Toronto, in the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, the program first aired as a stand alone production in 2003, under the name Listen Up TV. The format is flexible, varies from week-to-week, and includes on-location reports, documentary style features, studio and double-ender interviews.

Context with Lorna Dueck is a production of Media Voice Generation, a registered Canadian charity incorporated in the summer of 2004. Through Media Voice Generation, the program is funded entirely by contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations who believe Context with Lorna Dueck provides a crucial perspective on the most significant issues of our day, presenting a unique and valuable voice in Canadian media.


Working with the Revenue Director and the Fund Development team, you fulfill all administrative support functions in order to meet the revenue requirements of Context with Lorna Dueck. 


Significant job functions include:

     °  Management of Donor Database and Donor Files (paper and on server)

     °  Preparation of fundraising material and communications (print, electronic, mail)

     °  Administrative support to fundraising department


     °  Reports to Revenue Director

     °  Works with Fund Development team

     °  Cooperates with all staff


     °  Volunteers


 1. Direct Mail and Newsletter: (30%)

     °  Manage all deadlines

     °  Pull names from database

     °  Delivery of all files (addresses, graphics and letter content) to mail depot

     °  Ensure written submissions from staff or others are received by deadlines

     °  Ensure adequate supplies to mail depot

     °  Manage budgets

     °  Track results (code replies, update database, post donations)

     °  Analysis and reporting of direct mail response based on selected criteria

2. Context Insider: (15%)

     °  Pull names from database

     °  Send content when given direction by Revenue Director

     °  Acknowledge all new and all exiting Insiders

     °  Track metrics of Insider communications

3. Silent Partner Database management: (20%)

     °  Process and post donations (including online donations)

     °  Reconcile monthly gifts with Controller

     °  Make bank deposits

     °  Update database with new/corrected information

     °  Create reports and ad hoc analysis as requested for Revenue Director

     °  Track lapsed monthly donors

4. Donor Acknowledgement: (10%)

     °  Create Thank You letters and/or cards, special occasion cards, get signatures and mail

     °  Source special gifts, as necessary

5. Product offers: (5%)

     °  Mail products on a weekly basis

     °  Update Silent Partner with new names

     °  Manage relationship and information exchange with Call Centre

6. Tax Receipting: (5%)

     °  Close the calendar year in Silent Partner software and make necessary updates.

     °  Execute the printing and mailing of year-end tax receipts

7. Donor Materials Preparation: (5%)

     °  Keep donor packages updated, and available in office

     °  Prepare special/additional packages for meetings or events, as necessary

8. Fundraising Events: (5%)

     °  Provide administrative support to Revenue Director on all events

     °  Participate in local fundraising events, as requested

9. Departmental Administrative Support: (5%)

     °  Secure travel arrangements for Revenue Director

     °  Manage all fundraising pages on corporate website

     °  Manage stationary inventory and re-order as necessary

10. Other Duties As Assigned


     °  Committed to Jesus Christ as Lord with experience and understanding of Christian ministry.

     °  Demonstrated commitment to the core values and mission of Media Voice Generation/Context with Lorna Dueck,

         with a sense of calling to vocational ministry

     °  Able to prioritize tasks and work to deadlines, both long and short

     °  Excellent organizational skills

     °  Good verbal and written communication skills

     °  Strong statistical and analytical abilities

     °  Problem-solver and self-starter

     °  Advanced level computer skills including MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel),

     °  Donor Database Management an asset

     °  Strong internet research skills

     °  Tact and discretion

Please send your cover letter, CV and salary expectations to by the 29th August 2014.




Are you interested in journalism, television, film, new media or Christian ministry? Are you passionate about communicating the Christian gospel? Do you want to enhance your resume with hands-on experience in a fast-paced, creative working environment?

Context with Lorna Dueck is always looking for volunteers to help with transcription, web site maintenance, mailings, event planning and more. Our ministry depends on the good will and participation of our friends and supporters. If you'd like to learn about the behind-the-scenes effort that goes into creating a national current affairs, Christian media ministry, consider becoming a volunteer.

For more information, contact Rachelle at: