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January 25, 2016

Misconceptions about Marijuana with Jon DeActis

By: Sacha Sewhdat

Jon DeActis was a guest on our politics and pot show. He has been working in addictions with youth and adults for 35 years. We reached out to him to hear more about his opinions on the legalization of marijuana. Read More
January 21, 2016

Imprisoned Pastor Lim Needs "Just A Bible"

By: Cindy Henriques

More details on the Canadian Pastor who was sentenced by a North Korean court to life in prison. Read More
January 19, 2016

Life Lessons from a 97-year-old

By: Henry Schroeder

My name is Henry Schroeder. I live in Edmonton Alberta. I was born in the summer of 1918; that makes me 97 years old. The accent is on OLD since that is only three years from 100.
Read More
January 18, 2016

Ending the Nightmare before It Starts

By: Prof. John G. Stackhouse Jr.

What’s the absolute, number one, no-doubt-about-it worst fear each of us have about aging? Read More
January 15, 2016

Q&A: Human Trafficking in Ontario

By: Sacha Sewhdat

On Monday January 16, 2016, Faith Alliance, a collaboration of religious groups dedicated to ending human trafficking, delivered a petition of over 4,200 postcards to the office of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.
We reached the program’s chair, Leah Watkiss, in Toronto. Read More
January 15, 2016

Safe Families: A Faith-Based Response to our Ailing Child Welfare System

By: Jennifer Francis

The call on God’s people arising out of scripture to compassionately care for the orphan, the widow, the foreigner and the poor in our homes is a timeless one: it stands regardless of what era we live in or what the particular state of our society currently is. Read More
January 14, 2016

David Bowie's Dying Farewell

By: Julia Schindeler

David Bowie's 25th and final album was a spiritual goodbye. Read More
January 8, 2016

Religion Is Growing. What Should We Do?

By: Jeff Groenewald

A 2015 Pew Research Center study projects that by 2050 Christians will grow to an estimated 2.9 billion, Muslims will grow to 2.7 billion, Hindus to 1.4 billion, and the “unaffiliated” to 1.2 billion. As a share of the global population, the unaffiliated group is projected to decline. Read More
January 7, 2016

Saudi Arms Deal: Repairing the Wounds of War

By: Lorna Dueck

Canada should not be proud that 3,000 domestic jobs would produce armoured tanks equipped to protect the Saudi Arabian Royal Family. Yes, the clan is a trying to rout terrorism, but it does so with a grip on Wahhabism and weaponry that violates human rights.
Read More
January 5, 2016

Jesus, Obama, and Guns

By: Sacha Sewhdat

“If a child can’t open a bottle of aspirin, we should make sure that they can’t pull the trigger on a gun.” Read More
December 23, 2015

Christmas Exists Because God Gave

By: Lorna Dueck

At the heart of a global celebration that has endured for centuries and gone through endless creative cultural adaptations is a historic seed; God gave to the human race. The gift God gave was Jesus. Read More
December 22, 2015

An Agnostic’s Christmas Eve

By: Richard Handler

Years ago I worked at a small radio station in upstate New York, in the ancient rolling Catskill Mountains, worn away from eons of wind, rain and glaciers. I lived in a small town, tucked in a valley. Read More

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