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January 13, 2015

Abella's Story

By: Kristina Evanov

Abella's Story was written by Kristina Evanov for children ages 8-12 who are struggling with body image. Kristina is the audience coordinator here at Context with Lorna Dueck and has wrestled with the issue of body image in the past. You can hear her story on our latest episode: Dying to be Thin Read More
January 5, 2015

The Stubborn Evangelist VS The Stubborn Agnostic

By: Lorna Dueck

Lorna goes back and forth with our 'Stubborn Agnostic' blogger Richard Handler on the existence of angels and the nature of belief and spirituality. Read More
December 31, 2014

2014 Reflections

By: Richard Handler

One of the things I love about being your Stubborn Agnostic blogger is that I work in a warm but alien environment. Almost by definition, alien environments are supposed to be hostile. One doesn’t think of them as welcoming. But Context IS welcoming -- it invited me in. My friend Lorna Dueck said to me, in the late spring, “It would be good to have some pushback.” Pushback that is, from a stick-in-the-mud secularist.
Read More
December 23, 2014

Angels: The Secular Version

By: Richard Handler

Author John Geiger, an unlikely spiritualist, speaks of encounters with hidden forces in his book The Angel Effect: The Powerful Force that Ensures We Are Never Alone. Geiger, a former Globe and Mail journalist, told Lorna he that has never experienced the angel effect himself, but he has experienced intimations, felt presences. Whether these are real angels or psychological effects, stimulations in the brain’s cerebral cortex, we can leave till another time of year. Why play the secular Scrooge just to spoil the Christmas cheer! Read More
December 23, 2014

A Fresh Start

By: Lorna Dueck

Christmas is about the gift of new beginnings. We’ve loaded endless tinsel around the season, but the universally accepted tradition of giving gifts happens because God gave humanity a gift. Read More
December 15, 2014

The Vicar of Baghdad

By: Richard Handler

Iraq was once home to 1.5 million Christians. Most have fled; some have been killed. There are now an estimated 250,000 Christians left -- many of them displaced in their own country. Of those who left, White assured us, almost all don’t want to return. The Christian community is heading for extinction. Read More
December 9, 2014

The Final Cry

By: Richard Handler

Who knows what goes on in the mind of another, the quiet grievances, the despairing thoughts, the harsh bargain with a universe that has become a source of pain and suffering?
When a Marilyn Monroe or Robin Williams, idols of a celebrity culture, commits suicide, it confounds our very hopes and strivings. Read More
December 8, 2014

Be The Helpers

By: Lorna Dueck

“Be the helpers,” said Mike Tennant when he looked over a recent run of media content here at Context. Mike is a friend and show writer for Context TV, and “be the helpers” also sums up the response to this week’s episode looking at suicide. Read More
December 3, 2014

God's PR Problem

By: Richard Handler

Context doesn’t ask a question: it states a problem. God does have a PR problem because church attendance is falling. Sheldon Neil reports that the number of Canadians who say they have no religion have risen from 4% to 24% since 1970 -- a six fold increase. 70% of Canadians still identify with a religion, even if they don’t attend services. Plus, urban churches that cater to new immigrants are on an upsurge. So God may not have a PR problem. Individual, especially old churches, might. Read More
November 24, 2014

Driving SMART Philanthropy

By:Gena Rotstein

As we enter into the holiday season, as is typical, we will all be approached to donate. Some of us will look at this as opportunity to give as part of our tax planning process, others will be looking at the holiday giving season with more of a philanthropic approach. Either way, giving should be done with mindfulness. Read More
November 24, 2014

A World of Possibilities

By: Richard Handler

Context’s latest episode on Giving Tuesday rightly extols the merits of giving. After all, we’re entering the Christmas season with it’s endless appeals for donations at the door, mall, office, and online. So Lorna keeps asking a simple but important question: Why is it so hard for people to give? Read More
November 20, 2014

Canada's Gift

By: Lorna Dueck

Keeping quiet about our faith beliefs does not foster civility, neighbourliness, or harmony in Canada. Education about our beliefs does. Respect for our differences does. Read More

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