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May 19, 2015

Is God Funny?

By: Richard Handler

In comedy, opposites starkly clash. The improbable becomes outrageous. In this way, comedy and religion share a set of core attributes: They both upend the world of accepted experience. When you laugh, you see things anew. Read More
May 13, 2015

Mother's Day Requiem

By: Richard Handler

I suspect the Meeder’s four children were much more impressed by the influx of suffering humanity that their parents, in their own way, were able to assist. A person dying in front of you converts boredom into a North American indulgence. The Meeders didn’t want to shield their children from these terrible “life lessons.” The Developing World isn’t Disney World. Read More
May 10, 2015

Joshua's Hope

By: Laurie Houghton

As the mother of a child like Josh you quickly learn that life is short, and it’s precious. You don’t take any moment for granted. Read More
May 6, 2015

Anybody Home?

By: Richard Handler

“Why would He care about my little crisis with my children when Syria’s falling apart?” That’s what Lorna asked Max Lucado, the author of Before Amen. “Why would He listen to me?” As a challenge to faith, these are questions any atheist or agnostic would ask. And Lorna asked them with great feeling and a plaintiff twinge in her voice... Read More
April 30, 2015

Taking a Break

By: Lorna Dueck

I’m emptying my phone and laptop of my email, Twitter and Facebook. I can be reached by telephone, but for the other wired communicating, I need to go dark. Read More
April 28, 2015

The Amazing Chantal

By: Richard Handler

We all may be of equal value in the eyes of God, but in this society, the default position is: I have value. I can contribute. I am worthwhile. Read More
April 27, 2015

Christian Horizons on Doctor-Assisted Dying

By: Janet Nolan

In the past fifty years, our society has been making great progress in moving toward recognizing the value of all people and creating communities that include all people. As a provider of services for people with developmental disabilities, Christian Horizons works to promote full citizenship of people with exceptional needs. Read More
April 22, 2015

Sacred Loneliness

By: Richard Handler

I’ve heard it said that it’s harder to admit being lonely than being... well, pick your own state of woe. You see, there I go -- I associated loneliness with a negative state: woe, which is clearly not a happy condition. Woe, in spite of its supposed spiritual luster, is hardly ever considered a virtue. It’s usually described as a state of aggravation, a festering muck of imbalance or anxiety. Most people want to flee from it -- or deny it. Read More
April 22, 2015

Why Argue about Religion? Can’t We All Just Try to Be Happy?

By: Prof. John G. Stackhouse Jr.

Happy is good. I like happy. I’d love to be constantly happy. I’m not, alas, but at least my religion promises constant happiness in the life to come. I look forward to that. Yet what about now? Read More
April 19, 2015

Why Can't We Slow Down?

By: Peter Scazzero

Far too many of us use workaholism to run from that shaming message that says we're not good enough. I count myself among them, though I would consider myself more of a recovering workaholic at this point. Read More
April 14, 2015

Prime Your Conscience

By: Richard Handler

Now, if conscience is instinctive or natural, that could be both good and bad news to us weak-kneed ethical creatures. Good news because it’s part of our human nature, or if you believe, it’s implanted by God (“natural law”). But because so few people, when hard pressed, seem to follow its dictates, clearly conscience can be just plain inconvenient. Its neglect is a moral deficiency. Read More
April 7, 2015

Cheating Death, Cheating Life

By: Richard Handler

Northrop Frye, Canada’s great literary critic, spoke of the Christian story as a comedy (like Dante’s Divine Comedy) -- not because it was funny but because it ended in triumph. Comedies end well and tragedies do not. We learn from tragedy and humble ourselves before its consequences. Believers look forward to eternal life.
Read More

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