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September 11, 2012
Lorna Dueck

September 11 will always be a day linked with fear and loss.  It’s no coincidence we’re choosing today for launching 7 Million Acts of Love. It’s as simple as it sounds: just do something kind that goes beyond you and that stretches you. Our approach to that is to choose today to launch the news of our new youth media program;  Love is Moving. Karen Klein, the heroine of “Making the bus monitor cry” and Max Sidorov, the accidental philanthropist, are leveraging their experiences to show us all that there is much more we can do to be good to people. Let’s get this going! 

Getting ready for the press conference at 11 am. Left to right: Max Sidorov, Ben Porter, Lorna Dueck & Karen Klein


Thank You Gay for that needed reminder.... It is soooo easy to be KIND, LOVING,THOUGHTFUL,HELPFUL, etc.etc. A simple smile to another human being can make my/their day! Thank You Lorna for launching this million acts of kindness. The world so badly needs to see JESUS/LOVE in action... Now I had better get off this computer and go do a "Random Act Of Kindness" God Bless you Lorna, and your television team!!
September 30, 2012 | Kathleen Lewanczuk

Greetings friends !!! just watched Context. A Sunday morning feast!!! Saw Karen and Barbara and others. And felt drawn to tell you my leading to your request for an act of love.. As a recent 55 year old widow..... I will pick up Elsbeth an 80+++++ widow and take her to church shelost her husband 6 years ago and is still grieving her loss. .....give us hope LORD. So many lonely lost Widows and orphans in churches and homes sitting all by themselves!!! There is work for us all....go and get them. People of GOD!!!! mercy and peace and love be multipled to you. Gay Blanche
September 16, 2012 | Gay Henderson

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