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June 8, 2012
Lorna Dueck

The fun, and I do mean that, fun, continues as I tackle this 768 page reading challenge I am doing in these thirty days. Can I keep up with God is Love, a Biblical and Systematic Theology pressure?   The short bursts I am summarizing on #tweettheology are helping me keep my focus. 

I would have liked to have written more on the Gay-Straight Alliance club controversy that dominated Ontario this week, but John Allen has an excellent overview reflection on what this means for the big picture, and I will leave it to him.   

Bottom line:  Now we have to imagine, what does it mean to be faithful to God in this new moral setting?  How do you live out the reality that love does not disrespect or harm?   When do you need to step away to be faithful to Scripture you guide your life by?  Tough questions that faithful followers of Christ have wrestled with for centuries.  

Finally – I am so delighted we can bring you a fascinating show with Nik Wallenda and Roger Woodward on both their death-defying experiences with Niagara Falls.  My niece recently posted on Facebook the latest of 50 plus photos I have of myself standing at the Falls, showing them off to someone touring this attraction that is about 40 minutes from my home.   

Nik Walenda has a deep Christian faith, he believes God has given him the opportunity to cross the files on his daredevil wire …..and in both those areas, Nik has focus ! 


I read John Allen's overview and enjoyed the balance and clarity to it. I'm wondering why he writes with such a certainty that the Catholic faith will not tolerate homosexuality. Is there no room for compromise?
June 22, 2012 | Ollie

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