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August 17, 2012
Lorna Dueck

Three untimely deaths affecting special friends greeted my return back to work.  All too young, and too soon to leave us. In the shock, a friend shared with me how one family described their aftermath of grief as “bricks and feathers.” 

“Some things you prepare for because you know they are going to hit you like a brick: birthdays, holidays, cleaning the room out.  Other things, like a smell, a glance, the sight of someone who looks like them, those blow in like a feather: unexpected and they knock you over,” she explained.  

There have been many new things happening since I came back to the office, but in all the information, that nugget on bricks and feathers keeps surfacing as the most important thing I am absorbing as I worry over the families affected by these three tragedies. 

All three friends are processing their grief with Christian truth.  Andy Bannister reminds us in this short clip about such an approach to suffering.  It took a lifetime for my friends to lay in place the confidence the Christian gospel teaches about how to handle heaven, and the truth that this life is not all there is.  It reminded me of this interview with Rev. Sundar Krishnan on how we become transformed and ready for heaven.  We do that now.  Now, while we are healthy and of sound mind, is the time to explore our spiritual foundations and what happens when we die. 

Next week I’ll be cheerier, I promise, but for today, this needed saying.  


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