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May 3, 2012
Lorna Dueck

Hockey Night in Canada has taken over our studio space for the playoffs and good thing for it; we’re out of money for producing programs for the rest of the year.   This is not coming as a surprise.  We planned it that way, with programs like this week’s new episode on Catholic Church Recovery being taped earlier for cost savings.   Niagara Falls tightrope walker, Nik Wallenda, was also taped earlier – watch his episode the week prior to his June 15 walk across Niagara.    

What it means is that our schedule now makes room to move into fundraising mode.   As if to practice, this past week I’ve been at 6 different events where leaders in business or charity roll out their cause and ask people to get behind it.  It’s been a fascinating week of learning.  (Anything to delay having to get out there and do it for myself ….) Tonight I’ll be interviewing for a fundraiser at a great Hamilton charity, Living Rock. Three young adults who pulled their life off the streets will tell their story. Persistence, and the grace of God has been a dominant theme through it all. 

Plan to meet our team at either of these fundraiser’s for Context TV: June 25 in Toronto, or June 28 in Calgary. Email Erika for a free ticket and details as preference is given to you appreciated blog readers.  


I’ll close with a shout out to a great woman who gifts us with great help, the amazing Freda Iordanous of Freda’s on Bathurst in Toronto – my wardrobe sponsor. Here she is on the left with her daughter Elaine, celebrating 40 years in fashion, she has owned her family run business and generously helps me look great each episode.  Thank you, thank you Freda.






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