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The Right to a Home – the story of Vicki Mansell
Listenup looks at: Twenty-two thousand. It's a big number that represents a group of small people. That's because it's the number of children awaiting adoption in this country. Today on Context with Lorna Dueck, a child's right to a home and ways that you can foster or adopt these children! Also: a story that defies the odds. Vicki Mansell's childhood was headline-making for abuse and the loss of her parents. What's happened to her in the 20 years since her horrific tragedy?

The Canada’s Waiting Children (CWC) program is intended to be an additional resource to prospective adoptive parents who are going through the adoption process with an agency in their area..

Homes For Kids /Let A Child Have Faith In You Faith Goodman, the woman who founded ‘Let a Child Have Faith in You,’ challenges every church to foster two children in crisis. As of June 2004 there were 5835 children in our collective care yet only 1330 foster homes throughout the Homes for Kids region.

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September 30, 2008

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