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High on the Land – Grow Ops
Listenup looks at: An innocent plant or a dangerous industry? Over a million Canadians are smoking marijuana creating a demand for billions of dollars in an economy of grow-ops. The profits are staggering - billions of dollars in an illegal industry of cash cropping marijuana. But who's getting rich? Public Safety Minister Anne McClellen says organized crime that's who. And what about the consumer - will there be any effort to slow down our addiction to marijuana? The drug is more popular among teenagers now than in the past 25 years. Advocates call it a natural, ancient plant. Addiction specialists say its dangerous gateway drug to narcotic substances

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) is an arms-length, national agency to promotes informed debate on substance abuse issues and encourages public participation in reducing the harm associated with drug abuse.

Teen Challenge
A faith based one year residential drug and alcohol rehab program for young men and women ages 18 and over. The program, with government research has been proven to have a cure rate of 70%.

Alcoholics for Christ

AC is an inter-denominational, non profit, Christian fellowship that ministers to three groups:
Alcoholics or Substance abusers, Family members- those who relate regularly with an alcoholic or substance abuser, and Adult Children - individuals who were raised in alcoholic, substance abuse or dysfunctional families


September 30, 2008

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