Hurricane Dorian leaves Bahamas devastated in path towards Southeastern U.S


Updated: September 6, 2019

Hurricane Dorian left the Bahamas devastated with an estimated 70% of homes underwater and thousands of citizens traumatized by the experience. 

Bahamas Prime Minister, Hubert Minnis said in a press conference, “We are in the midst of one of the greatest national crises in our country’s history.” The current death toll has increased to 30.

Relief efforts are limited until water levels recede, which could take a week.

Samaritan’s Purse sent 30 tons of emergency relief to the Bahamas aboard their DC-8 aircraft. A second plane of emergency items is planned to leave Sept. 5. Disaster response team members from Samaritan’s Purse are currently on the ground. Additional volunteer relief teams are waiting until given access to damaged areas in order to help clear trees and debris. 

Although the centre of the storm has become weaker, Dorian is continuing on its deadly path towards the Florida coastline.  As of early Thursday morning, the category 3 storm is on the edge of U.S Southeastern Seaboard, leaving thousands without power. Many U.S cities, including Georgia, Charleston, North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia, are preparing for the coming storm by boarding up windows and doors. Millions of residents of theses cities have been ordered to evacuate.

We pray for all the victims in Bahamas and for the safety of everyone affected by Hurricane Dorian. 

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