Report finds Christianity is the most persecuted religion

You may be surprised to learn that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.

In an independent review commissioned by the U.K’s Foreign Secretary, the Bishop of Truro worked with experts to document the religiously motivated attacks against Christians. 

Steven Selvaraj is the South Asia team leader for Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a group that contributed to the report on the persecution of Christians.  

As part of our upcoming Yes TV two-hour special – Sri Lanka: Faith under Fire, Selvaraj told Lorna Dueck that Christians live in fear in Sri Lanka, but it’s not from the Islamists who were behind the bombings.  

“Before we address the issue of the Easter bombing, it would be good to address the chronic violence that has been taking place in Sri Lanka for a number of years. That [violence] actually stems from the Buddhist far-right fundamentalist group, who view Christians as an inferior community, a group that actually represents the western agenda.”

WATCH Sri Lanka: Faith under fire August 24 at 8 pm on Yes TV.

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