Politics, prayer, and tragedy in Ethiopia (Episode 1819)

Tragedy in Ethiopia. Eighteen Canadians die in a plane crash that killed 157 people. We pray for the loss in this community.

And, does prayer and religion have a role in public life beyond the tragic? A Senate hearing underway on the tax benefits for religion in Canada probes the worth of religion in our nation.

We hear from our political leaders on the value of prayer and examine the challenge of ethics in government.

Is there a role for faith communities to pray for our leaders? And is that worth a tax benefit?

Plus, a special announcement about our Molly Thomas.


National House of Prayer

Canadian Council of Christian Charities Submission to the Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector


Pastor Terefe Sereke, Ethiopian Evangelical Church, Edmonton

Andrew Scheer, Conservative Party Leader

John McKay, Liberal MP, Scarborough-Guildwood

Michelle Rempel, Conservative M, Calgary Nose Hill

Rob Parker, National House of Prayer

John Pellowe, Canadian Council of Christian Charities CEO

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