VIDEO: "People have a lot of good reasons not to trust the church." Dr. Serene Jones, president Union Theological Seminary

In the wake of news reports and actual charges against nearly 400 Southern Baptist Convention leaders accused of sexual misconduct of 700 victims since 1998; Dr. Serene Jones says, “People have a lot of good reasons not to trust the church, trust should be in the witness of Jesus Christ.”

The Southern Baptist Convention sex scandal has once again exposed massive abuse of power within churches that are supposed to be a refuge.

Dr. Jones is the President of the Union Theological Seminary; she is pushing for change within the church, “we should not stop talking about sexual abuse in the church until radical change happens.”

Watch Dr. Jones’s full interview with Molly Thomas on what needs to change in the church, and her new book Call it Grace: Finding Meaning in a Fractured World.


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