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Some people told Context that they doubted the veracity of the photo on the left of a mother and her children fleeing tear gas. We researched it and found that the New York Times reported on the photo and verified that it was taken by Reuters photographer, Kim Kyung-Hoon. It’s understandable that the picture confused some people as it was widely re-released on the Internet after the January 1, 2019 tear gas incident at the California border (picture on the right), but, in fact, this picture was of another tear gas launched at migrants by border patrol back on November 25, 2018.

The New Year’s Day incident took place at night, and there were few photographers and videographers on the scene to document what happened.

Some reports claim a mob tried to rush the border, and began throwing rocks at border patrol agents – other reports claim the rock throwing didn’t happen until the tear gas was released on the crowd.

We’re working on the story of the modern day migrant for this week’s show – MIGRANT BORDER CRISIS – here in Canada, and the U.S.

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