Alberta strong: oil woes and religious parents fight back (Episode 1808)

1808: Discontent in Alberta

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Posted by Context Beyond the Headlines on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Two major issues of discontent are facing Albertans. Five years ago, oil in Alberta was trading at over $100 a barrel. Today, it’s selling for less than $40. Despite Canada’s strong economy and jobs front, this huge drop has Canada’s energy sector in yet another season of unrest.

And while the province wrestles with economic unease, the government is threatening to pull funding for private religious schools if they don’t comply with legislation that some schools say go against their beliefs. These schools are fighting back in court, saying their freedom of religion is being quashed.

Meanwhile, parents are upset over this same bill that says schools cannot tell them if their child joins a club, including a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) – and more worrisome, what goes on in that club. These parents say this bill goes against their parental rights.

Tonight on Context, a closer look at what is happening in Alberta.


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