Tonight on Context: Parents speak out on the opioid crisis

Parents are telling their stories of opioid tragedy. The numbers of children dying in an escalating battle over illicit drug use are staggering – 90% of all addictions start before the age of 21 and over 80% of overdoses are men.

Today on Context – we speak with parents who are grieving the loss of their children from opioid overdose after spending years of searching for help.

We will hear from Moms Stop the Harm, who are pushing for legal reforms for safer use on Canada’s drug supply chain and to end the stigma and prejudice.

We will also speak with addiction experts on rethinking the traditional methods of letting loved ones hit rock bottom to a more compassionate approach with a higher rate of success.

Canada in the grips of addiction – parents, doctors and a documentary filmmaker – discuss the destruction of over 8000 opioid deaths in Canada since 2016.

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