The United Church responds to the Gretta Vosper decision

United Church moderator Rev. Richard Bott defends his denomination’s decision to allow atheist minister Gretta Vosper to stay on as clergy after settling a “heresy trial.”

“This really doesn’t affect the doctrine fo the United Church,” Rev. Bott told Lorna Dueck. “All our doctrinal statements say quite clearly that God is central to who we are.”

Bott says the United Church’s “inclusiveness is all based on that relationship with God and our relationship with Christ.”

Rev. Connie den Bok, a United Church minister west of Toronto, says the Gretta Vosper decision does not set the agenda for the denomination as a whole.

“The United Church is not a unified denomination whatever our name might appear to say.”


(Image: Facebook/United Church of Canada)

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