Not your grandparents' church: how Canadian Christianity is changing with the times (Episode 1806)

Atheist Gretta Vosper stays on as United Church minister after the denomination settled a “heresy trial” with the minister who doesn’t believe in God.

What do fellow United Church clergy make of this decision? We speak with Moderator Rev. Richard Bott and Alderwood United Church minister Rev. Connie den Bok.

PLUS: The church old and new – from Catholic to millennial church plants – how Christianity has transformed throughout time. Dr. Moira McQueen responds to the changes the Catholic church has seen and our own Sheldon Neil gives the exciting news about a new church plant in Toronto where he will be lead pastor.

AND: John Stackhouse weighs in on Gretta Vosper and why belief in God is at the core of the church.

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