Karen Christian, Semula Horlings tells her incredible journey from life in refugee camps to in freedom Canada


“God carried us through.”

As Karen Christians, Semula’s family were targeted by the Myanmar military and forced her family flee into neighbouring Thailand where they lived in different refugee camps for 13 years.

“I used to live in constant fear in refugee camps. It was like a prison to me.”

Semula’s father took the risky journey to help other Karen Christians left behind to find safety, but was killed by a Myanmar soldier.

Semula, her mother and two brothers persevered through their incredible hardship and arrived in Canada as refugees in 2006.  This is only a bit of her incredible journey …

Watch the full episode on religious persecution in Myanmar: http://www.contextwithlornadueck.com/2018/10/25/inside-the-rohingya-crisis-episode-1802/

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