U.K. street ministry exceeds expectations - video from our partners at Global News Alliance

When three are more are gathered… (Matthew 18:20)
They’re called ‘soul-winning ministries,’ and their outreach, The Turning, is capturing the hearts of people across the U.K and Europe.
What started as a 2-week mission by The Gate church in Reading, U.K., has turned into a wave of spreading the gospel. The Turning has plans for an even bigger launch in 2019.
Pastor Yinka Oyekan of the Gate Church, and The Turning team leader says there is a different feeling to spreading the gospel on the street. 
“Stand in the presence of God and go out in the presence of God – when people are able to talk heart to heart to one another – right there on the street – something happens.”
The mission says to date, they have seen more than 14,000 gospel responses on the streets of towns and cities across the UK and Europe.
Pastor Oyekan says this is the gospel at work.
“This is about the love of the father captivating the hearts of the believers, so that they love what he loves, God so loved the world, if they love what he loves, they’ll reach the world.”
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