Marijuana mania: how will we deal with the legalization of recreational cannabis? (Episode 1801)

Deep down, we all know what’s not good for our bodies, and still our vices seem to control us.

With recreational weed now legal in Canada, how will faith communities respond? We get a Hindu, Jewish, Catholic and Muslim take on how their faith communities are reacting to recreational weed legalization. Their answers might surprise you.

Cannabis has been legal in certain U.S. states for years now. Pastor Jeff Lacine from Sellwoods Church in Oregon tells us about his own experience smoking weed when he was young, and how he now pastors across the street from a dispensary.

Todd Knupp from the University of Cannabis Technology talks with us from Pueblo, Colorado and gives his take on how he believes Christianity and cannabis do mix.

Dr. James Mackillop, the director of Canada’s only dedicated cannabis research centre, the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research, busts myths and gives us facts about the effects of weed.

And Lorna looks at recreational marijuana through the lens of Jesus and how church communities should respond.


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