Child murderer moved to “healing lodge”

Terri-Lynne McClintic has been transferred to an Indigenous healing lodge in Saskatchewan.
McClintic is serving a life sentence for the horrific rape and murder of 8-year-old Tori Stafford in 2010. 
While McClintic was moved in December of 2017, Stafford’s father, Rodney, only found out about her transfer about 6 weeks ago.
He was outraged and called on the government to reverse the decision. Rodney Stafford wrote a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau “father to father” writing, “could you kneel before your child’s headstone, knowing they spent the last 3 hrs of their life begging & pleading for Mommy or Daddy to come save them?”
The Conservative Party put forward a motion asking for the Liberal government to step in and reverse the decision. The motion was defeated Wednesday night after a heated debate in the House of Commons.
Context Beyond the Headlines explored the issues of restorative justice in Season 7. Senator Kim Pate, who spent a career in prison care advocacy says the tough on crime prison system is the wrong approach, “We know that, in fact, the more punitive a system becomes, it never equates with a system that has more correction if you will, or more rehabilitation. Nor does it make a community safer.”

Former prison warden and author Robert Clarke says Canada’s prison system is not meeting rehabilitation goals, “Canada’s prison system should reflect Canadian values . The prison system should exist to help those incarcerated to be better people.”

Tell us your thoughts: 
Are Christians called to a higher sense of justice? Or are some crimes beyond restorative justice?
To watch the full episode on Prison Reform, click here.
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