Heroic Humboldt Broncos team played their first season game Wednesday night

In April of 2018, the entire world mourned with the community and families of the small town of Humboldt, Saskatchewan when the Humboldt Broncos Junior hockey team’s bus collided with a tractor trailer on their way to a hockey game. The crash killed 16 people and injured 13.

Another hockey season is beginning, and the Humboldt Broncos are back on the ice with only two players who survived the crash – Brayden Camrod and Derek Patter. 

For the other 20 players and most of the coaching staff, this is their first full season on the Humboldt team.
Molly Thomas has this exclusive conversation with two Trinity Spartan players, Logan Casavant, who was preparing to play against the Broncos the day of the accident, and Jarrett Fontaine, former Broncos player who talk about moving on after the tragedy and honouring their teammates.

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