As the largest recorded wildfires in California history blaze - A family loses everything but finds hope among the ashes

From our partners at Global News Alliance – August 14, 2018

An unshakable faith.

“At a time when you need the help the most, you’re least prepared to be so humbled to have such a humbling experience where people would come that don’t even know you. Samaritans Purse was there for us.” ~Lebra Gonzalez, lost her home to California wildfires.

Samaritan’s Purse volunteers are ministering to families who lost their homes near Redding, California. The Carr Fire has already engulfed more than 170,000 acres near the city of Redding, destroyed over 1,100 homes, and killed seven people. Firefighters continue to battle the fast and unpredictable blaze.

Tragically, six firefighters have lost their lives fighting California’s wildfires.

Only minutes after leaving his home, off-duty firefighter, Guy Gonzalez, heard from his wife Lebra, and he quickly sped back.

Their peaceful home was completely engulfed in flames.

Gonzalez kicked in the garage door and managed to get his family out.

After the blaze, Samaritan’s Purse was on scene to help the Gonzalez family recover some of their valuables from the ashes.

Watch Guy and Lebra Gonzalez’s account of what they say are the people who gave them, “huge blessings,” in the aftermath of losing their home in the wildfires.

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