Terror in Toronto - Deadly van attacker murders 10 innocent people (Ep. 1729)

Canadians are reeling once again – this time – an unimaginable tragedy in Toronto – the killing of 10 innocent people, ploughed down indiscriminately on a stretch of Yonge street. Fifteen people are still in hospital, and countless others are grappling with how one deranged man could cause so much grief and sadness.

Toronto the good is now unwillingly part of a group of cities around the world that have experienced such heinous crimes – from Edmonton to Paris, Stockholm, New York, and other major cities…

This week on Context we speak with a security expert who defines what kind of terror is behind this van attack. We’ll also talk about what may have triggered the murders through an online hate group called “Incel.”
And – as we do here on Context each week – we’ll speak into the healing and coping of an unbelievable tragedy – and once again see how Canadians are banding together in a crisis – to help each other heal.

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