Context: Part one: Live from the Toronto van attack. Part two: Inside the Rohingya crisis with Bob Rae and Lorna Dueck (Ep.1728)


Part 1 – Toronto van attack: 10 people killed. More than 12 injured. The suspect – just 25 years old. Toronto is reeling in the aftermath of a heinous, random attack that reminds us – peace can never be taken for granted. Our Sheldon Neil brings us the latest from the scene just north of Toronto.

Part 2 – And while we pray for peace and healing here at home, we think of many people suffering on the other side of the world.

In 2018 – 60 million people are looking for a permanent home. today we hear about one of the largest groups – the Rohingya. As a special envoy to Myan-mar, former Liberal MP, Bob Rae gets set to present his final report to Parliament – he sits down with our host, Lorna Dueck in Ottawa.

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