Context: Mother Nature's Wrath, God + Science, And An Update On The Sutherland Texas Church Massacre (Ep.1706)

This week on Context – A Look at Mother Nature’s Wrath – and what leading climate scientists have to say about the state of our world’s heating oceans, increasing hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods.  And, on the heels of some controversial public remarks by Canada’s newly minted Governor General, Julie Payette, we also talk God + Science and how the two may be ‘in separate spheres’ for some – does it mean that the two are mutually exclusive? 
And we touch on the unthinkable tragedy that happened in Texas – Lorna Dueck speaks with Ed Stetzer about the massacre at the Sutherland Church. Our Molly Thomas is on the ground in Texas this week and will bring us stories for next week’s show – stay tuned! Thank you for watching.

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