Context: Sex, Power and the Harvey Weinstein Scandal (Ep. 1704)

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has once again focused our attention on the insidiousness of sexual harassment against women. We hear from Hollywood producer, Dan Rupple, a former David Letterman producer – and Etan Vlessing the Canadian Bureau Chief of the Hollywood Reporter. Dr. Doug Weiss, a former sex addict who now counsels people in sex addiction discusses healing and the principles to move forward into a healthy sex life. Sheldon Neil speaks with actor Ann Pirvu about her far too common encounters of sexual harassment in her industry. Therapist Sharon Ramsay discusses the ramifications of sexual misconduct in the workplace and how to cope and heal.

Our show wraps with a story from Molly Thomas about a woman who suffered the most insidious form of sexual assault as a former prostitute in the sex trade – the courageous story of Beatrice Littlechief.

Sexual sin: What can be done and what can we learn?

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