C-Shift: Environment

THIS WEEK we take a look at the ENVIRONMENT and talk with experts past and present. From Margaret Atwood on her book, Year of the Flood, which is the second book of her dystopian trilogy, where a religious sect called, The God’s Gardeners all survive a biological catastrophe as told in Atwood’s earlier work, Oryx and Crake – to present day REAL God’s Gardeners, A Rocha – an international Christian organization inspired by God’s love that engages in scientific research, environmental education, and conservation. A Rocha is the brain child of husband and wife team, Leah Kostamo and her husband Markku. Another husband and wife team, Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein speak to us about their documentary, This Changes Everything.

C-Shift is a new, half-hour program that travels back in time through the news archives of Context – with host and broadcast journalist Lorna Dueck. 

Each week, we compare the historical changes in cultural ideas, attitudes, events, and issues that shape our world.

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