Somalia Headed Toward Humanitarian Disaster


Seeing goat and camel carcasses lying in a farmer’s field is an image that still haunts me. The only thing worse than the rancid smell is the realization that children are generally the same weight and stature of the dead animals. Drought has reared its ugly head in Somalia once again, and everywhere you look people are suffering.  By the time a famine is declared it is far too late for far too many people — so the time to act is now.

Click to read Molly Thomas’s report drought-stricken Somalia.

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  1. I watched your program on Somalia tonight and wanted to make a donation. But when I went to World Vision Raw Hope .ca, I found out that I could not donate directly to Somalia. The donations would go wherever they felt that they were needed. The problem is that I made a donation to South Sudan and really wanted to make a donation to Somalia. Any suggestions? Are there any other Christian organizations in Canada taking donations for Somalia? Please respond.