Why I Am Opposed To Medical-Assisted Suicide

Claudio Rossol

Why am I opposed to an individual choosing suicide by doctor or nurse? My answers lie in our complex conscience. For example, when aging people choose suicide, how does that affect grandchildren? In less than eight months, we’ve had more than 800 Canadians ask their doctor to kill them. The Canadian Medical Association now warns that health care providers say there is a psychological toll from euthanasia. Conscience over what we do in dying well affects every health worker and every family in Canada. How we care for people who suffer, how we face our own suffering and end of life matters to more people than just myself. Suffering, and dying is an individual act, but the experience of death has been designed by God to touch others. There is a deep ethic of love, care and kindness that is only learned by walking through the valley of suffering, and eventual death with people. So, we need to get out there and care for each other, and especially for the suffering.

For more about this issue and to learn how to get involved in conscience protection, take a look at some of the links and articles below:

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