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It affects 1 in every 88 kids—boys more than girls. And there is no cure. Autism remains one of the least understood of human conditions. Today, we'll swap myth for fact as Lorna gets first-hand insights in Autism.We'll give you a field guide to symptoms and resources, as we explore the difficulties, the hope, and the methods for raising a child with autism. 

This Week's Episode

Lorna's Wrap

Lorna's Wrap Our hope is that stories, articles, and programs like this one, help draw the mystery out of autism. And that by meeting people—as you just have—who live and cope with autism through the lens of the Christian faith, you might be struck by two things. One is the immensity of time, energy, and resources required just to navigate each day. The other is the amount of God-given strength... read more


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Easter. A time of death and rebirth. Not just chocolate and Easter... read more


Get a sneak-peak behind the scenes at Context with Lorna Dueck, as we share some of our favourite stories we've covered this season, and talk about how you can join us in discussing news that takes you deeper.


March 23, 2015

Breaking Barriers at Canada Reads 2015

Polite Canadians by the droves engaged Canada Reads last week, only to find they were being lured into an agenda driven contest.
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March 31, 2015
Richard Handler

Autism and Aliens »

To say that autism is a disorder with “no cure,” as Lorna says in... Read More
March 30, 2015
Philip Reyes

Autism Acceptance »

As an autistic, I make a ton of trouble in a neurotypical world. I am... Read More