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August 28, 2015

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Trapped in Iraq

June 19, 2015
Episode #1429

Radical Youth

June 12, 2015
Episode #1432

Dream Chasers

June 5, 2015
Episode #1438

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Trust in a Financial Meltdown

Response to John Oliver: Televangelists

Steve Bell on the Power of Story


Context News

May 19, 2015

A shift in Context: Christianity's voice in secular media

TORONTO, ON—One of Canada’s premiere faith-based television programs is seeing some exciting shifts in focus.

“Context with Lorna Dueck” announced in April that Jeffrey L.... Read More »
Lorna's Blog

Lorna Dueck's Blog

August 18, 2015

The Prime Minister's Campaign

A stop at St. Mark’s Coptic Catholic Church in Markham caught my attention as it’s unusual and unwise to see clergy participate in a... Read More
August 4, 2015

Post Sabbatical

How could I not be all smiles coming back to work after an amazing rest? For the first time in a thirty-year career of communicating, I... Read More
Peoples's Blog

The People's Blog

August 24, 2015
Richard Handler

If Jesus Met a Terrorist »

If your Lord was on that Paris-bound train, with his disciples, would... Read More
August 18, 2015
Richard Handler

The Bible Made Me Do it »

It might have seemed like a good idea in a lawyer’s backroom to... Read More

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