Tonight, 30,000 Canadians will cope with homelessness.  Fifty thousand more are among the 'hidden homeless'- staying with friends or relatives because they have nowhere else to go.  Today on Context, is homelessness a chronic social condition? In a moment, guest host Sheldon Neil speaks with a Calgary man whose organization is on a 10-year quest to end poverty in that city.  Get a street-level perspective, and meet people on the front lines of this modern-day battle to end an ancient problem

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Lorna's Wrap

Lorna's Wrap Earlier we had occasion to raise the biblical question "am I my brother's keeper?" The question is first posed in the book of Genesis, but later it saturates the story of Jesus Christ. In the eyes of Jesus, the answer is a resounding 'yes.' So how do we apply that to homelessness? Based on what we've heard today, a good place to start might be with this: let's eradicate the word 'them' from this... read more


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