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Margaret Atwood's 'The Year of the Flood' told the story of "God's Gardeners"- survivors of a biological catastrophe.  The Canadian literary legend joins Lorna to discuss the deeper spiritual issues surrounding earth and stewardship.

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Lorna's Wrap

Lorna's Wrap Today Margaret Atwood challenged us to look deeper into the ecology of our planet. As we always do at Context, we put that through the spiritual lens of Christian belief. If love for neighbour and love for God is to be the characteristic of that practice, then caring for the planet is a non-negotiable. The same God who orchestrated the material world, put love into our hearts to enjoy it. Our... read more


Burning Man

A road trip like no other.  Lorna takes you on an insider's tour of... read more



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Bored or Bad?

Lorna shares her thoughts about the a new survey depicting the state of faith in Canada.
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