Prayer: Children do it before bedtime and religions all over the world use it to speak to God -- but what exactly is prayer and is it practical in today's hectic world? For many, prayer offers us a chance to collect our thoughts and vocalize our hearts' desires to the One who can make it all happen. So what is it about this mystical practice that has billions using it since, theoretically, the beginning of time? Can our prayers really and truly be answered? Today on Context, Lorna delves deeper into the practical uses of Prayer, and its benefits, as she  sits down with a neuroscientist to talk abut the effects of the prayer on the brain.  We'll also chat with prolific author Max Lucado about his new book "Before Amen" and why he thinks prayer doesn't have to be complicated.  

This Week's Episode

Lorna's Wrap

Lorna's Wrap Here's what impacted me most on this week's look on prayer. The challenge that I am looking at prayer from my perspective. And that makes prayer too small. If I limit prayer to my own logic, I wonder how can God possibly hear me, or why would God care? But today we were challenged to know that the character of God is goodness. God is good, God does what is right. God loves as a perfect parent.... read more


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Dr. Blake Martin walks through how meditation works. 


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